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Wij zijn 4 enthousiaste mensen die graag in oude gebouwen fotograferen en de geschiedenis van deze gebouwen proberen vast te leggen. Vooral industrieel erfgoed is erg intrek. Als je op zo'n locatie bent voel je als het ware wat er is gebeurd in het verleden. Wij gaan er dus ook voor om zo veel mogelijk vast te leggen op de gevoelige plaat.


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urbek5 members

dinsdag 13 juli 2010

This summer

This summer we spend our holidays is the south of Belgium, close to Virton. On our way south we stopped at Martelange, not only for the cheap petrol but for the "Ardosiere de Martelange" a slate mine. There is still some equipment left from long forgotten times. A few days later me and my wife headed for Terre rouge and the powerplant next to it in Luxemburg. That was the moment I tried to infect her with the Urbex-virus. I don't know anything about incubation periods but I guess I didn't succeed.
The best photo location was very close so I went there 4 times. It was the famous car cemetery in Chatillon. There are hundreds of old cars rusting away in a small forest. The youngest cars are from the beginning of the seventies. But most of them are much older. A true heaven fot Uxbex photographers.

These picture's are made by:Roel Boom