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Wij zijn 4 enthousiaste mensen die graag in oude gebouwen fotograferen en de geschiedenis van deze gebouwen proberen vast te leggen. Vooral industrieel erfgoed is erg intrek. Als je op zo'n locatie bent voel je als het ware wat er is gebeurd in het verleden. Wij gaan er dus ook voor om zo veel mogelijk vast te leggen op de gevoelige plaat.


urbek5 members

urbek5 members

dinsdag 17 augustus 2010

flounder caught

17 July 2010

It is about 3 weeks ago that we were going out for some urban photography.We planed for this day 6 locations and nice locations.The only problem was that we hat information but we did dent know exact if all the location still in a condition to photograph and whether they were easy to reach, or enter the buildings will be a big problem.Almost the hole group did a lot off research,And could found the real information what we needed.The first location we arrived,It was a massive building and in my eyes mega big,But than the first problem starts there was standing a 2.5 meters high wall around this building,so that was the first problem second problem it was in the middle of a residential on Saturday morning and a lot off people on the street,So we decided to visit the backside of the building.Than we hat the third problem a railway track.Two man off our group take the risk to walk over the railway an looked for a hole in the wall.It was possible from the railway out to get inside,but get out again over a 2.5 meters high wall was to risky,We decided than for not enter the building.Than up to the next locations we had a few,so the first disappointment was fast away till we get to the next location only problems again that was almost with the rest of all locations that day.Only one location we thought we where lucky butt by that place there where still people working because they where demolish the building.That was going on till 2 a clock in the afternoon and then we decide to go in,but here was not much left off that building.We were very disappointed.Picture off the last location is coming soon as possible.
ps the title is a typical Dutch proverb

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