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Wij zijn 4 enthousiaste mensen die graag in oude gebouwen fotograferen en de geschiedenis van deze gebouwen proberen vast te leggen. Vooral industrieel erfgoed is erg intrek. Als je op zo'n locatie bent voel je als het ware wat er is gebeurd in het verleden. Wij gaan er dus ook voor om zo veel mogelijk vast te leggen op de gevoelige plaat.


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urbek5 members

woensdag 28 april 2010

Cristalleries Val St. Lambert

16 apr 2010

As I could not resist a third urbex trip in 2 weeks we made a stop at the Cristalleries Val St. Lambert on our way to the Ardennes. I could climb the fence at the front but that was too much in the open. So I followed the high brick wall around and found an easy entry at the back side. Crossing the bush I arrived at the old cristallerie. The only entrance there was climbing down in to a cellar. Just when I entered a pump started running very loud scarring the shit out of me. With a headlight on finding the way up out of here was easy. But I was less fortunate climbing out of the cellar again because my tripod dropped. Climbing back down was to dangerous. So before I could start taking pictures I had to find way to get my tripod back. With some wire and a cable I fished up my tripod. With a half our lost walking and fishing, and my wife waiting in the car I had to hurry. After some pictures I noticed that one leg of my tripod was broken of half. The next problem was that the beautiful atelier with the colored glasses and equipment was still not found. On the other side the building was still active. I took a change and walked carefully passed it into the direction of the other old buildings. And there was the atelier I came for. With the limited time left a real challenge. It is unbelievable that the old equipment and crystal glass is still in place. On my way back to the car I discovered a hole in the fence at the front. Despite the broken tripod this was another successful Urbex mission. But the next time I take the front entrance.

At home I called Provak (Manfrotto representative in Holland) for my spare part. Marcel explained to me that it was not possible to order these old parts. But he might have one in stock. Within one minute he found the spare part I'm looking for. "It's the last one" he said. And the best is that he sends it over for free. My tripod is ready for another ten years.

Thanks again Marcel for your great service.


This picture is made by:Roel Boom

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