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Wij zijn 4 enthousiaste mensen die graag in oude gebouwen fotograferen en de geschiedenis van deze gebouwen proberen vast te leggen. Vooral industrieel erfgoed is erg intrek. Als je op zo'n locatie bent voel je als het ware wat er is gebeurd in het verleden. Wij gaan er dus ook voor om zo veel mogelijk vast te leggen op de gevoelige plaat.


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urbek5 members

dinsdag 15 juni 2010

Charleroi (Belgium)

12 june 2010

Today we are heading for Charleroi. It is raining cats and dogs on our way to the first location; the Crypt in Namur. Perfect weather for a cemetery but the crypt was closed and no one to ask if it could be opened. The next location we were lucky. It was still raining but we could park the car next to the hall in Roux. Here they left many locomotives untouched for years. One kilometer to the south we found a mine were we spend half an hour or so. Then we drove to the highlight of the day. Old mine buildings with lots of old cars. But as we arrived it was a airsoft heaven so no use to climb the gate. Close by is a factory to be checked out. We parked in the forest nearby and headed for it. We stumbled on a old water tower. But no factory insight. I started to worry if we could find our way back to the car when we suddenly saw something red in the shrubbery. It was our car! It almost seems like we ran out of luck today. So we decided to go home with a small detour of course. First we went to the church in Ombret, or what's left of it. Impressive to see a church without a roof. A local told us it was damaged during the war. Our last stop for the day was the university in Liege. We examine the location for future needs as it is way too big to seen in one hour. I was glad to have many extra locations on my program. You never
know when you need them!

This picture is made by:Roel Boom

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