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urbek5 members

dinsdag 15 juni 2010

Chateau de Noisy and Cristallerie in Seraing

May 15th 2010

Chateau de Noisy and Cristallerie in Seraing, May 15th 2010

Our journey started on time, we left about the midnight hour, so that we should arrive by time in Belgium.
During last week the weather was not fantastic, but this day it was great! A sunny day and a good temperature for a day making photographs. The first location we visited was Chateau de Noisy. We drove immediately to this location. We had to find a safe parking place and a spot to get to the area.
We easily got onto it and then we had to take a walk of almost 15 minutes to reach the castle without getting snatched by the propietor.
Nevertheless we succeeded, the photcameras were unpacked nearly until we saw somebody. For a moment we were hiding in the shrubs, someone of us went out for investigation and noticed these people were other people, also coming for taking a look. We returned to the castle and we were ready to start.
The first thing that got our attention was the large number of damages, we saw immediately that there should have been a lot of beauty to some time before.
At first we took some photographs at the groundfloor and afterwards we went to the upper floor. Several floors were nevertheless very bad, some of them were complete gone! The little tower looked very enchanting for climbing up, but we didn't do that.
After lunch we took photos outside, after that it was time to start our return trip.
We got into the car and continued our travel to the next location. We were ready to go to the Cristallerie in Seraing. When we arrived we could get in without any problem. There was not much time left for us. Also this was a beautiful location! The lighting was great at that moment. There were a number of buildings we could get in, unfortunately we could not visit all of them, we got too less time left for doing this. Sometimes we will come back here, who knows?
Tired but contented we started the last part of our return trip to Venlo....

This picture is made by:Hetty Schreurs

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